Progress Report

You find yourself dropped on a new planet. No electronics have been left for you, just an axe blade. You have no ability to contact those who left you here. You have never seen so many growing things in your whole life. There is no pollution, no busy roadways, no spaceports or space traffic. Instead a quiet untouched haven that is to become your new home. You can’t even remember the name of the government you worked for… your memory is gone. Your survival on this new planet depends greatly upon your desire to live. Luckily, you seem to remember some things, especially about technology… you briefly wonder why that is. Will you ever see your old home again?

You have been exiled…


Currently Implemented:

  • Basic Random World Generation
  • Graphics Engine using XNA supports fullscreen up to native monitor resolutions, windowed mode up to 4096 x 4096 (technically…)
  • 9 types of easily modifiable definition files for: plants, furniture, blocks, player/npc anatomy, item-piece definitions, material definitions, material crafting definitions, world creation file, and a config file.
  • Network code for multiplayer mode
  • Scripting system for furniture interaction (doors, pumps, solar panels, turrets…)
  • Basic crafting system to make blocks and “item pieces”
  • excellent liquid system including pressure
  • dynamic block types like sand and snow fall and form piles

Still to Implement:

  • Advanced World generation including caves, biomes such as: deserts, forests, arctic climates, ocean-life. Default building generation, procedural quest generation (will probably include “dungeon” type buildings), underwater buildings, too! (With airlocks!)
  • Character leveling and skills. (weapon types like swords have different skills from guns, which are still different from throwing weapons or blunt weapons… using them increases skill which will increase various use stats with the weapon)
  • leveling also allows assigning stat points to things like competence (increases complexity… see below), jump height, run speed, life, energy pack size, breathing storage, swimming under water, life regeneration, energy regeneration, ammo regeneration, increased natural armor and some others.
  • Item crafting (all items in the game will be crafted from player-available pieces.. you are only limited by your imagination)
  • ammunition for all fired weapons is a stat just like life or energy, different fired weapons consume it in different amounts/speeds.
  • character item slots to wear crafted items (helmet, armor, pants, shoes, backpack, gloves, belt) worn items (besides things you hold in your hand) have a limited number of hard-points upon which you can attach items.
  • unique item pieces that can be made after obtaining the blue-print for them.
  • quality of items determined by the skill of the character
  • limit in the complexity of items that can be built, a stat that the player needs to enhance.
  • vehicle crafting: boats, submarines, cars/trucks, mechs, airplanes, spaceships, helicopters… all created completely from scratch by the player.
  • choose your fuel source for your vehicle, hand-crank powered, solar powered, fusion powered… and other possibilities. (many machines for your buildings need power, too!)
  • vehicles have mass, which will affect what kind of propulsion, and how much you need to do different things like flying.
  • complete ability to move around inside vehicles, enter, exit, store a smaller vehicle inside a larger one, even mine blocks using vehicles!
  • player air system: comes into play when under liquid, or in a limited atmosphere (very high in the world) also involved in vehicles.
  • combat system with statuses: poisoned, slowed, shocked, hasted, injured arm, injured leg, and probably about 20 or so more.

Exilania has been in development since January 7, 2013. Development is being done by Greg Billings.