Development by Greg Billings

Game Development

Minotaur2011 - Complete

My first JS game, I made it back in 2011. You play a minotaur searching through his maze to destroy the orcs. The end levels get very frustrating. Make sure alerts are enabled, and I'm sorry they're required... I was young.

jsZombie2014 - Complete

A Roguelike survival game. Zombies come in endless waves. How many can you fight off? This engine is the basis for 'Kingdoms of Strife'

Kingdoms of StrifeStopped work in 2016; unfinished

This is a fully featured roguelike.
You arrive in the central kingdoms amidst great strife. The 6 kingdoms are in an eternal battle to decide who is supreme. Will your influence sway the balance of power to your kingdom of choice? There also seems to be more than meets the eye. Rumors of dark beings and foul creatures are spread across the land. People have disappeared without explanation. All is not well in the central kingdoms. Are you the foretold hero of so many years?

Boggle2017 - Complete

Play boggle on your computer. Whatever "Seed" you use always results in the same board, so you can play with friends.

Algorithm Testing

Maze 1

This shows off a mazing algorithm where a digger randomly chooses where to move. As soon as it can't dig anymore, it goes back to the closest area where it can start making new paths and branches there.

Maze 2

This shows off a mazing algorithm where a digger randomly chooses where to move. This algorithm is similar to Maze 1 Test, but it instead branches off of a random nodes with a random chance to do so. These mazes tend to have many more branches and be more confusing.

Line Of Sight

This shows off an implementation of Line of Sight calculation as explained in the Pre-Computed Visibility Tries article at roguebasin.
Use the numpad or arrow keys to move around the map.


Project Euler

A fun website for exercising your brain and solving math problems. Over 400 exist to-date.