Current Release

The current Release version of Exilania is 0.06. It is available below.

Our friends at AusGamers are providing a mirror to download from:

It is also available from via the link on the right.

Updates from 0.04:

-trees/plants grow
-night/day cycle includes stars and moon
-background graphics improved
-display processing improved
-chests added (with inventory)
-more block types, new furniture items(including transporter)
-lights can now transfer power to other lights and things like doors.

Updates from 0.03:

-Characters from 0.03 are not compatible with 0.04
-Enhanced stats UI in top left:
-Fixed bug where the hover-over for items in the trash would always show
-Added network code for when the player dies
-Improved network code for movement, it now performs well on high-latency connections.