September 4th Progress Report

Hey! I have been feverishly working on Exilania since I picked it back up after a summer hiatus. Check out my new video on Youtube or on the indiedb website.

Changes in this new version:
night-time now has stars and a moon(14 phases of the moon)
The mountains parallax layer now responds to your relative height in the world: going higher will make them appear smaller, lower will make them appear taller.
Trees now continue to grow, other plants will grow in the grass as well. Saplings can turn into trees.
You can also plant plants in the ground, now.
I have updated the background tiles so they now look a lot cleaner. They are using a similar method as the foreground tiles to blend together nicely.

I have added a mini-map which can be toggled to take up the whole screen or just a small portion.

I have also added chests.

I have added some new plants, furniture pieces, and 1 new humanoid.

Rendering has been fixed to give me full transparency when I need it.

Exilania will have 3 types of crafting. There is material crafting where you will make things like doors, generators, pumps, weapons turrets, and crafting materials like steel and iron.

I am now seriously looking at implementing the Item combiner system, which will allow you to make things like guns and axes by combining pieces together. You will save the blueprints so you can easily create those items again in the future.

After Item crafting comes NPC generation. Currently, only local dummies are created. I will make the system able to pull pieces from a collection of body-parts to create randomized monsters. They will then be skinned with an appropriate color, given stats relative to the sum of their parts, and they will then be given AIs to attack you or be friendly.

The third type of crafting is vehicle creation. vehicles will be built from scratch. You simply put blocks down to make an engineering bay, then the size of the vehicle you can make is determined by the size of your building(or an upper bounds on vehicle size). Vehicles include anything that can move from spaceships with hanger bays and engineering bays of their own to make fighters, all the way to submarines, airplanes, tanks, and mining vehicles. I want to make ship combat very fun and allow for multiple people to be working inside of the ship at the same time. One person is flying or driving the ship while another is firing the forward facing weapons turrets. Maybe even set autopilot to fly you forward while you run to the back of the ship to shoot at the guys chasing you! It’s a very ambitious goal, and will be very time-consuming, but I will not consider this game complete until I can build my own flying and working spaceship.

Leave me a comment on the IndieDB page if you would like!