Monthly Archives: April 2013

Lighting, World Generation, UI

Recent changes:
-Lighting system now applies to characters on-screen as well
-Wielding an item that has a light property now properly sets the lighting of the character
-Basic cave generation added
-Sand is now processed before saving a newly generated world, this may take quite a few seconds to fully calculate.
-Fading text appears when you receive new materials, resources or items
-New ability to emote things by placing an ! before your message… only those in the near vicinity will see it.

Pending a pseudo-coding of the npc/mob system, I will begin developing that part of the game. Things are about to get crazy in the world of Exilania.

UI, breath, death, stats

Well, I have been working on quite a few different systems lately. All of the changeable actor properties are now in a separate class. This made it much easier to compartmentalize. The user interface just got a few new enhancements to reflect the new actor properties available:

top to bottom: life, breath, power, experience

though not related to the new actor stats, the trashcan feature will finally allow players to get rid of the junk in their inventories.

breath will be used for when the player is submerged in liquids, extreme heights in an air-tight vehicle (vehicles intended for extreme conditions will have to cycle their own air using either storage tanks, carbon scrubbers, or electrolysis). Above a certain point in the world there is no more atmosphere. There is also a likelihood that I will be adding toxic gases, so breath may also be used when in a toxic-gas environment.(chemical warfare, anyone?)

I am putting in the multiplayer death/damage code. It’s nothing too fancy right now, but you will die if you stay under-water for too long. The goal is to get everything ready for adding NPCs (that includes mobs).

Next will be the experience system and attributes available upon level-up. Each level will generate a # of attribute points, which you can then assign to separate categories like jump speed, run speed, health, breath, power, competence (comes into play with crafting, item usage, and reverse-engineering/deconstruction) and a few other unique things(wanna breath underwater? that will cost ya…)


anyways… more later.

Welcome to Exilania

Welcome to Exilania! I am really excited to start sharing about Exilania’s development! It is actively developed and has been since January 7th, 2013. I finally decided there is enough to show, so it is time to get a website up and show everyone what I am up to.

A public concept-version is available here:

When I have enough content to turn this into a full game, I will probably stop releasing the full versions. Still need to think about that.

Stay tuned for future updates!